Jogo da Transformação em PORTUGUÊS (PT)

jogo-box-PT-smallO Jogo da Transformação não existe à venda em Portugal. Pode fazer a sua encomenda através do site da Editora Taygeta. Esta detêm os direitos de autor, de produção e comercialização, do Jogo da Transformação em todos os países de Língua Portuguesa e tem uma versão do Jogo traduzida para Português de Portugal.

Jogo da Transformação em INGLÊS

The game that can change your life! The Transformation Game illuminates patterns, offers insights towards new directions, and supports change and transformation. The in-depth journey is marked with realizations, obstacles, angels, and miracles. Gain awareness and heal pain as you advance through physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realms. It’s an effective way to clarify important issues, resolve conflicts, and creatively enhance relationships. It is simple to play requiring no special training. It comes complete with playing instructions.

For 2 to 4 players, ages 16 to adult.

Cartas dos Anjos (The Original Angel Cards) em inglês

25th Anniversary Edition Angel Cards have been delighting and uplifting people throughout the world for many years. Use them for support, guidance, and gifts. Each set of 72 playfully illustrated cards depicts a unique angelic quality. Meditation and simple instructions included.

Livro dos Anjos (The Original Angel Cards Book) em inglês

A comprehensive guide to working with the Angel Cards. In addition to inspirational messages for each key word and guides for visualizations, the book includes a section that provides suggestions for using the cards in a group setting.

 Paperback | 156 pages

Cartas de Bênçãos (Blessings Cards) em inglês

Communicate your love, gratitude, and caring.

Blessings are a currency of caring – they can be shared, hoarded, treasured and counted. They are gifts that may highlight or acknowledge qualities you already have or point towards qualities to embrace or develop. Whether you choose a blessing each day for inspiration, include them with gifts, cards and letters to friends, or use them as part of a healing or prayer circle – you will find these meaningful words offer a fresh perspective that give you and others just what you need in the moment.

Blessing Cards come with over 200 colorful cards and small drawstring bag.

Cartas Intuitive Solutions em inglês

A tool for inspired action.

A boxed set of Insight, Setback, and Angel Cards. A quick way to gain immediate understanding and direction. It enhances your creativity by helping you to dive deeply into a concern, think through difficulties, and make decisions in harmony with your values and integrity. You can use Intuitive Solutions to break through inertia and express your wisdom and clarity. Detailed instruction booklet included.